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"STOP Wasting Time and Money Having Your Product Covers Created!
Now You Can Easily Create an Unlimited Amount of Professional Quality Cover Graphics at a Fraction of the Cost!"

New Photoshop Plug-in Technology Makes it Possible to Create Beautiful
Product Covers in Minutes...

photoshop actions

You'll be Creating 300DPI High Resolution
Graphics Like These... With Your Very Own 3D Photoshop Actions

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Professional looking graphics increase sales. Thats a FACT.

Let me ask you something...

  • Have you ever tried to create your own cover graphics but they just didn't come out right?
  • Have you ever spent money to have a graphic designer make your product covers for you?
  • Have you had to wait long periods of time for your graphics to be delivered, only to end up needing more edits done and having to wait even longer?

You're not alone and its definitely not your fault. Until recently if you wanted quality cover graphics you had to rely on an outside graphic designer to do them for you. Well, times have changed....

Quickly and Easily Create Stunning 3 Dimensional Cover
Graphics with Just 2 Clicks of your mouse...

computer mouse

From the desks of Ben Clemons & Josh Fulfer

Ben Clemons Josh Fulfer

Dear friend,

Every day billions of dollars changes hands on the internet. And most of that business is done between individuals... one to another.

Although, you used to be able to conduct business like this with a very simple website, these days high quality graphics are what separates the men from the boys.

Sure, you'll have to offer great content, but more than likely you'll also need professional looking graphics to back up the message, products and services that you sell.

When we first outsourced professional looking graphics for our own websites, we were amazed at the increase in sales we received from the exact same amount of traffic.

But the costs kept going up for the graphics we used.

Internet marketing friends of ours noticed increased sales conversions too. Like us however, they were getting pretty tired of shelling out big money to graphics designers...

That's when we decided to do something about it.

We hired a full-time in house graphic designer and also had them create easy to use templates that we could give to our friends... And before long they were thanking us over and over... because they were so blown away with the quality and ease of use.

Soon, graphic designers themselves starting calling us to get ahold of our Photoshop action scripts, quite frankly so they could deliver better quality graphics in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost to their paying customers.

Now you too can, create awesome professionally looking Product Covers and other website graphics, using our Photoshop Actions, and without paying any more for a designers time.

Yes, the big secret is out... and now its available to you.

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This is the exact ebook software many professional graphic artists use to demand big dollars from clients located... all around the world.

But because its so easy to use and creates such breath-takingly beautiful 3D eCovers, more and more Internet Marketers are now using these action scripts to replace their graphic outsourcers altogether... which saves hundreds of dollars every single month.

In today's world of online eCommerce... a picture's worth a thousand words. And it is for that reason, this is the greatest money saving, money making add-on you will ever find for Adobe Photoshop...

...beginners, intermediate or advanced users too.

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Compatible with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 to the latest versions of CS5 & CS6!

We have a wide collection of ProfessionalProduct Covers that you can create!

Click any image for a closer look!
Paper Back Book Hard Cover Book Open Standing Hard Cover Book Tilted Hard Cover Book Standing Hard Cover Book Laying Hard Cover Book Standing
Thick Hard Cover Book Standing Thick Soft Cover Book Laying With Bookmark Hard Cover Thick Book Laying With Book Mark Hard Cover Thick Book Laying Soft Cover Thick Book Laying Magaine
Magazine Laying Magazine Bent In Middle Spiral Notebook Standing Tilted Spiral Notebook Spiral Notebook Laying Spiral Notebook Front Cover
Hand Held Spiral Notebook Spiral Notebook Tilted Standing DVD Case With DVD in Front DVD Case DVD Case Laying DVD Case Opened Standing
Fully Opened DVD Case Standing CD Jewel Case CD Case Laying CD Case Opened with CD Fully Opened CD CD Standing
CD Tilted CD Laying Round Software Box Medium Software Box Software Box Vista Style Software Box
Open Top Software Box Large Software Box Standing Large Software Box Music Box Membership Card Tilted Membership Card
2 Cards 1 Card Gift Bag 3 Ring Binder Milk Carton MP3 Player
USB Drive Clip Board

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The 'Highest Quality' Cover Graphics
Available... Anywhere!

These 300 DPI High Resolution Images have been perfected over the course of several months in order to bring you an extremely realistic look.

With your very own set of 3D Photoshop Actions you'll be able to create ebook covers, flyers, brouchures, magazine covers, 3d software box covers, business cards, logos, full page spreads, post cards and much, much more with just two clicks of your mouse.

These actions are compatible with Photoshop 7.0 all the way up to and including Photoshop CS5 & CS6, so you can be sure that they will fit your every need!

Let's take an EVEN CLOSER LOOK!

Notice the detail that our cover software brings to the table versus what get's sold and then delivered by most graphics design houses.

Here is a spiral notebook example...

Comparison of Action Scripts

As you see, the spirals actually seem to "spiral" downward with our product. That's because we chose to develop a set of Photoshop actions that designers could use to create 300 dpi eCover graphics and charge their clients big time for their work...

Because this product is so unbelievably easy to use, everyone is taking advantage of the leverage it gives them in this highly competitive global eCommerce marketplace.

Now its your turn.

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Still Not Convinced??

Let's take an EVEN CLOSER LOOK!

Here is one of the open DVD cases you'll be able to use.

close up action script


... and here is one of the Spiral Notebooks you will be able to use.

As you can clearly see, the spirals actually "spiral" downward unlike other Photoshop Actions that appear to just be a dozen or so "rings" that don't spiral downward!

close up action script


Now here is the Audio / Music Box....

close up action script

Anyone can do this! It's so Simple!

photoshop action scripts easy steps

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With This Award Winning, Simple to Use 2 Step
Graphics Creating Package You'll...
increase your referral business because clients and customers will be blown away at the quality of your work and fast turn around times,
enhance your marketplace position, because of your ability to produce high definition 3D eCover graphics at breakneck speed,
collect higher premiums for your ebook design services, because these action scripts will cause clients to chase you,
make more money, because visitors to your websites will make quicker decisions to buy your products and services,
become recognized as a top graphics designer. Yes, other graphics designers will scratch their heads, not knowing of your ecover software magic,
build your brand faster, because of the unparalelled consistency with which these scripts will allow you to deliver 300 dpi quality Photoshop Ebook Product Covers,
expand your freelance business by offering many new eCover graphic package deals, thus raking in money... both left and right,

"Online and Offline" Marketers will also...

save thousands of dollars by eliminating graphics outsourcing! Time wasted is one thing, but money wasted... not anymore,
sell more products and increase the credibility of your offer to your visitors, because High Quality Graphics SELL!,
eliminate outsourced graphics turnaround times. When you do it yourself in minutes with this Photoshop Ebook cover software, you'll be kicking yourself for not having changed sooner,
get the recognition that your business deserves! Since, first impressions are extremely important when selling online,
re-package PLR products with greater speed and better selling success since graphics is what usually hold things up,
increase your conversions because using sub-par graphics in your sales process, will certainly cost you money,
and much, much more.

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Easily Mix And Match All 50 Photoshop
Action Scripts to Create Professional Bundles of
Products in Just a Few Minutes!

Many product cover combinations like you see below are sold for thousands by top information marketers both inside and outside the internet marketing niche.

And the secret behind most of those sales are killer graphics like the ones Photoshop Action Scripts' cover software are ready and willing to make for you in minutes.

Action Scripts Product Bundle

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"Valuable to Small Business Owners"

Jenny TestimonialThese Photoshop Action Scripts thoroughly impress me.

There are 50 pretty amazing Photoshop actions that you can implement on Photoshop 7.0 and above, my favorite product covers being the Hardcover Open Book and the Milk Carton.

I also really liked the fact that Ben and Josh took the time to provide text and video instructions, both of which are very simple to follow.

I can really see this package being valuable to small business owners, particularly those who sell personalized products.

Instead of having to produce a large inventory for exhibition, you can just use these Photoshop action scripts to create impressive looking animations of what it is you sell.

I definitely recommend this product cover ebook software!

Jenny Bai - theredconnect.com

"Saves You A Lot of Time & Money"

Michael TestimonialI was using these photoshop action scripts.

I'll tell you what, there's 50 of them and they make things I didn't even know I needed.

Now, with this ebook creator software I can make CD covers, DVD covers, software box covers, books, ebooks, spiral books, even 3 ring notebooks.

This is amazing! You gotta check these out. They're easy to use and they'll save you a lot of time and a lot of money on your ebook design.

You don't want to have to spend too much having someone else do your graphics when you can do it using these action scripts.....

Micheal Savoie - productinaweekend.com

"Exceptional Quality, Professional Graphics"

Sid Hale Action Scripts TestimnialThe best part is the exceptional quality of the graphics!

Not to mention how easy it is to create your own professional images for YOUR products.

The attention to detail in these Photoshop Actions is simply amazing.

Anyone can easily create a professional looking ebook cover for their product with these action scripts in minutes!

I recommend this ebook design software to anyone looking to use professional graphics in their strategy.

You guys have done a wonderful job on this, and give many people a reason to be excited!

Sid Hale - rapidactionprofits.com

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Not to mention, When you order today, you
will also Receive these Exclusive Bonuses...

Exclusive Bonus #1
Over 2,000 Sales Page Graphics!

Full .psd's & Transparent Backgrounds Included

Exclusive Bonus #2
40 Pre-made .psd eCover Templates

graphic product bundles

Ecover Templates

Get All 40 Templates Included FREE!!

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Included in this Package:

ecover actions
50 x 300 DPI high resolution 3D Photoshop actions scripts
ecover actions
40 pre-made ecover templates with full editable .psd files for easy ebook design
ecover actions
Over 2,000 sales page graphics
ecover actions
2 part video tutorials series
ecover actions
Full 60 Days, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
Ecover Software

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"Our Top Designers Use This Product"

sebastian photoshop actions testimonialWe have a company that creates graphics, and these action scripts have been an amazing tool for us.

We use them at our office all the time and this is an amazing product that I highly recommend for anyone.

If you're looking for Photoshop actions that the top designers use to make Awesome Photoshop Ebook Covers, such as us at explosive graphics then look no further.

Thank you so much Ben and Josh and if you're thinking about getting this, its time to take action.

Sebastian Salderriaga - explosivegraphics.com

"Hands Down... Easiest to Use"

Ron TestimonialI just got done trying out Ben and Josh's Photoshop Action Scripts and I have to say, I am impressed.

I really like how easy it was to use, just a couple clicks and it's off creating some high quality ebook covers, just amazing.

The end result was outstanding. I've used similar cover software and these are, hands-down the easiest to use, they've made it so simple.

I also love the cool things you can make like an mp3 player or a milk jug.

Sure gives marketers a great way to stand out. If you want to create awesome covers quick and easy, you need this!

Click the order button now, you'll thank me later.

Ron Killian - theplrstore.com

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In fact, we wanted to make this offer so irresistable, that we have put together
an offer we believe you can't refuse.

You've seen the quality, but we still want to take away any doubts.
So take a look at this... no questions asked 60 Day money back guarantee.

Quite simply, if you're not happy we're not happy... and if that's the case, doesn't it make sense just to give you your money back... we think so.

Imagine, selling the products and graphics you create with Photoshop Action Scripts and earning ten times their value in your first 30 days...

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Yes, Ben & Josh, I want my own
Photoshop Action Scripts Now!

photoshop action scripts package

You'll be able to immediately download the entire "Photoshop Action Scripts" package for a one-time investment of just $97.00 $47 and start using these incredible actions for all of your personal projects.

Or, you can grab our "Use for Clients" unlimited license, where you can use these high quality ecover actions to create stunning ecovers for clients, and start making money right away, and make back your investment very quickly!

(This is our most popular option!) get your unlimited "use for clients" license for only $197.00 Now Just $77.

This is the exact same graphics package that many professional graphics artists use to generate high resolution eCovers for their clients and which allows them to charge big bucks for their services.

Since this is a digital download, You'll have full instant access to all of these High Quality Photoshop actions in the next few minutes.

And remember, you can try this package for 60 Days and request a full refund if you're not fully satisfied with these action scripts.

Personal Use License:

Photoshop Action Scripts - Personal Use Unlimited License

"Use for Clients" Unlimited License:

Photoshop Action Scripts - Use for Clients - Unlimited License


"Best Investment I've Made in a Long Time!"

Michael Testimonial"These Action Scripts represent the best investment I've made in a long time!

Saves me a shed load of time when creating covers for clients, and the quality of the finished article knocks the competition into a cocked hat!

Well done Guys, great work!"

Steve Crooks - 1stteamdesign.com

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This special introductory offer is available for a limited time only and so take action now and get instant access to everything you need to save money, make money or both..

To Your Success!

Ben Clemons
Josh Fulfer




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P.S. Remember, these are the highest quality Photoshop action scripts you can find. Order now and take advantage of this special offer.

P.P.S. Stop spending hundreds of dollars on graphics designer services just to create the same professional high quality cover graphics they generate with these same Photoshop Actions.

P.P.P.S. Generate your own 300 dpi Product Cover Graphics easy as 1, 2, 3. We're so sure you'll love them, we back this package with our Full 60 Day no questions, 100% money back guarantee!


Windows and Mac Compatible



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